When you purchase from Global Turf Equipment, you are making a sound investment in a machine that will last for years and years, and save you thousands of dollars compared to a new one!  Our 100-point service process is second to none and ensures you receive a machine that is dependable and ready to use immediately. A major parts warranty is also included on every piece of equipment for greater peace of mind.

All machines undergo a thorough inspection and reconditioning process to ensure they are dependable and ready to work immediately.

Our standard reconditioning process includes service work at no extra charge:

  • All New Oil & Oil Filters
  • All New Fuel & Fuel Filters
  • All New Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner Filters
  • All New Hydraulic Fluid & Hydraulic Filters
  • All New Spark Plugs
  • All New Rotary Blades
  • All New Bedknives and Screws
  • Reels Backlapped
  • Minimum of 50% reel life remaining
  • Minimum of 60% tire life remaining
  • Cutting Height Set
  • Machine Lubricated 

All machines are extensively inspected and made sure to be fully functional in the following areas:


Starter, Key Switch, Excessive Noise or Knocks, Excessive Smoke, Smooth Idle, Throttle Cable, Muffler, Fuel Lines.


Warning lights, Fuses, Headlights, Taillights, Brakelights, Battery Cables, Battery Test.


Hoses, Fittings, Lift Cylinders, Steering Cylinder, Reel/Deck Motors, Wheel Motors, Other Hydraulic Motors.

Cutting Units

Reel Life, Frame, Shields, Deck Spindle Bearings, Reel Bearings, Lift Arm Bushings, Rollers & Bearings, Basket Rollers, Caster Wheels/Bushings, Anti-Scalp Rollers/Bearings/Shafts, Groomer Bearings/Blades, Roller Brush Bearings/Shaft/Belts, Reel Drive Belts, Groomer Drive Belts, Height Adjustment.

General Operation

Reel/Deck Lift and Lower, Blades/Reels Engage & Disengage, Backlap Switch, Seat Switch, Hour Meter, Parking Brake, Brakes, Steering, Forward & Reverse Speeds, Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Drive Belts, Drive Shaft, PTO Shaft, Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods, Radiator Screen, Coolant Tank, Water Pump, AWD System.


Tire Condition, Rims, Frame, Hoods & Covers, Seat, Decals.